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  • Community Stories: Malnutrition in Hospitals

    Sperri gratefully welcomes Tracey Frimpong, RD to the Live Well Blog to share real stories from the front lines of the healthcare community. Tracey works as a clinical dietitian at a hospital in Ontario. She shares the important reality of tackling malnutrition in Canadian hospitals.

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  • Community Stories: Jules Whish on the Power of Community When Faced With Cancer

    Community care is at the centre of everything we do at Sperri. As February comes to a close, we share the story of Jules Whish, who reminds us that another powerful word for love is community—especially when faced with a cancer diagnosis.

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  • Ingredient Stories: Omega-3

    Ediola Ymeri, one of Sperri's in-house dietitians, shares the story about one of Sperri's many functional ingredients—omega-3. Dietary fats or healthy supply our bodies with the most concentrated form of energy, and dietary fat is essential for overall health.

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  • Ingredient Stories: Complete Sources of Plant Proteins

    When it comes to living well, you’ll often hear about the importance of protein; but what is a high-quality and complete source of protein, and how do plant proteins compare to animal proteins?

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  • Why Plant-Based Nutrition?

    Sperri offers complete plant-based nutrition with our meal replacements, but why is plant-based nutrition so important? What are the benefits, and how can you incorporate more plant-based options? Jill Conrad, one of our in-house dieticians, is here to answer your questions!

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