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Clinical FAQs

About Sperri

  • Sperri is Canada's first organic plant-based meal replacement. Sperri provides all of your daily needs in an easy-to-consume beverage. Sperri was developed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, by a team of health professionals using the most up-to-date evidence-based research.

  • The term ‘meal replacement’ is defined and regulated by Health Canada, specifically under the Food and Drug Regulations. These regulations outline specific requirements and standards that meal replacements must meet in order to be marketed and sold as such. The specific requirements include but are not limited to: caloric content, specific ranges of 24 vitamins and minerals, fat content, protein content and quality, and a linoleic to linolenic fatty acid ratio.  

    Sperri meets all of the nutritional requirements set out by Canada’s Food and Drug Regulations, making it a complete plant-based meal replacement. Sperri is also suitable for sole-source nutrition and provides all of your required macro and micronutrient needs. For further information on Canada’s regulations, please visit: 

  • Sperri was created through the collaboration of Dr. Mary Lynch, a physician and pain specialist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, along with the team at Novagevity. Dr. Lynch noticed that many of her patients required meal replacements for proper nutrition but struggled to tolerate existing options due to high levels of processed sugars, milk, and soy proteins. Unable to find a suitable product in the Canadian market, Dr. Lynch approached Gregg Curwin, an experienced entrepreneur, and together they embarked on the development of Sperri. Additionally, a group of gastroenterologists and dietitians contributed to the development of Sperri, ensuring it would be well tolerated by individuals with gastrointestinal complications.

  • Sperri was developed by a diverse team of physicians, dietitians, and food scientists in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sperri is currently manufactured, produced and shipped from Ontario!

  • Gregg Curwin, our CEO, loves to spend his free time on a beach in Nova Scotia called “Sperri”.Sperri beach is where Gregg discovers tranquility, clarity of mind, nature and so much more. He wants consumers and caregivers of Sperri to feel rest assured that they or their loved ones are receiving nutrition of the highest quality, providing you and your patients with peace of mind.

What's Inside Sperri?

  • Yes, Sperri contains all plant ingredients and is 100% vegan. Sperri uses hard-to-find plant-based forms of Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) and Omega-3 (Algal Oil) to provide all essential nutritions.

  • No, Sperri is free of all common allergens including Eggs, Milk, Mustard, Peanuts, Crustaceans, Fish, Sesame Seeds, Soy, Sulphites, Tree Nuts, and Wheat.

  • Yes, Sperri is entirely free of gluten and gluten-containing products.

  • Yes, Sperri has been approved Organic Certified by PRO-CERT.

  • Yes, Sperri is verified by non-GMO project to be certified not to contain any genetically modified ingredients.

  • We have chosen to utilize a combination of pea and hemp protein in Sperri due to their individual completeness as proteins, containing all 9 essential amino acids. Moreover, hemp protein offers highly beneficial nutritional properties for human health, while the sensory qualities of pea protein contribute to an excellent blend of both health and taste. The combination of hemp and pea proteins also offers complementary advantages to ensure the protein in Sperri is rich in all 9 essential amino acids. It is worth noting that Sperri is the sole product in the Canadian meal replacement market that incorporates hemp protein.

  • We use a combination of Maple Syrup and Tapioca Syrup to sweeten our products. Many currently available meal replacements use highly processed sugars, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols, and we feel strongly about using natural ingredients in Sperri. These natural sweeteners also provide some additional vitamins and minerals to add to Sperri’s nutrition composition.

  • Sperri products are Certified Organic and are therefore held to a higher standard and do not contain any MSG, BHA, propylene glycol, or GMOs. We carefully source our natural flavors based on quality and flavor. They are all vetted through an approval process that allows them to be used in organic products.

  • There is no caffeine in Sperri products.

  • Sperri's ingredient list and nutrition facts table can be found here.

  • As a Canadian company, we try to source Canadian ingredients where possible. Our hemp protein powder, hemp oil, maple syrup and DHA-algal oil are all Canadian grown ingredients. Additionally, the DHA-algal oil in Sperri is sourced from algae grown off the coast of Nova Scotia- we love local! Our pea protein in Sperri is grown and harvested from the United States and Canada and is one of the highest quality pea proteins on the market. This pea protein is an isolate, not a concentrate, which provides a higher protein content with lower levels of potential allergens or irritants.

Who is Sperri For?

  • Sperri is suitable for anyone over the age of 2. Sperri is suitable as the sole replacement for all meals in those over the age of 18. Anyone under the age of 18 (but above the age of 2) can consume Sperri as a meal, however, it is not fully suitable as a replacement for all meals, as the nutrition requirements for children are different than adults.

  • Sperri is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, or people with a sensitivity or allergy to a common allergen (eg. milk, soy, gluten, tree nuts, etc.). We use 100% vegan plant products and contain no common allergens.

  • Sperri has been specifically developed to address gastrointestinal issues, particularly Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). We have taken great care to exclude any ingredients that may be detrimental to individuals with compromised GI tracts, such as milk products, carrageenan, sugar alcohols, high fructose corn syrup, and high fiber ingredients. We have a significant number of satisfied consumers with IBD and IBS who have reported positive experiences with Sperri. Additionally, the pea protein used in Sperri is of the highest quality and is an isolate, making it more digestible and better tolerated in those with digestive complications than protein concentrates.

    Our current line of Sperri offers different fiber options to accommodate the various phases of IBD. Both our Strawberry and Vanilla Maple flavors contain 1g of fiber per serving, making them suitable meal options during the flare-up phase. On the other hand, our Chocolate Sperri contains 3g of fiber per serving (due to the addition of cocoa powder), making it more appropriate for consumption during the remission phase. 

    Additionally, Sperri is low FODMAP at 150mL to meet the needs of those with IBS. We have also refrained from using sugar alcohols, lactose, and gluten in our products. 

  • Yes, Sperri does not contain any gluten or gluten-containing ingredients and therefore is safe to consume for those with celiac disease.

  • Yes, Sperri is safe for those who are pregnant as it does not contain caffeine and it is a nutritionally balanced beverage. It is always recommended to speak with your doctor if you are pregnant to ensure you are receiving adequate prenatal vitamin and mineral supplementation.

  • Certainly! We have conducted testing on Sperri at a lab to determine its FODMAP content. The findings indicate that consuming 150mL of Sperri aligns with the requirements of a low FODMAP diet. If your patient or client can tolerate Fructans, it is likely that they can consume a full bottle or even multiple bottles without any issues. See below FODMAP test results:

    Fructans- 0.2 (acceptable) 

    GOS-0.1 (acceptable) 

    Lactose <0.1 (acceptable) 

    Excess Fructose-0 (acceptable) 

    Sorbitol- <0.1 (acceptable) 

    Mannitol- <0.1 (acceptable) 

    Status: Acceptable at a serve size of 150mL 

  • Sperri is indeed a suitable option for oncology patients, and we have a significant number of oncology patients who rely on Sperri. The organic and plant-based nature of Sperri makes it particularly appealing to oncology patients. Those who experience aversion to sweet foods during or after chemotherapy often prefer Sperri because it has a mild flavor and is not as sweet as other meal replacements available on the market. Additionally, Sperri is significantly lower in sugar content, using about half as much sugar as leading meal replacements.

  • Sperri does not contain any animal products or by-products, making it suitable for those following a vegan/vegetarian Kosher lifestyle. Sperri products are not currently certified Kosher, however the vast majority of ingredients in Sperri are certified Kosher. Moreover, our manufacturing facility is certified Kosher, and we are in the process of obtaining Kosher certification, which will further validate our commitment to providing Kosher products.

  • We have not proceeded with the vetting process of suppliers for Halal certification, however Sperri does not contain any animal products or by-products. Moreover, our manufacturing facility is Halal certified, and we are exploring the process of obtaining Halal certification.

How can Sperri be Consumed?

  • Sperri offers the flexibility to be consumed as a complete source of nutrition (sole-source nutrition) or as a supplement to existing meals. It can be added to meals to enhance their nutritional content or enjoyed directly from the bottle. For the best taste and texture, we recommend serving Sperri chilled by refrigerating it. As we like to say, simply Chill, Shake, and Enjoy!

  • Yes, for those over the age of 18, Sperri meets the Food and Drug Regulations to be used as a replacement for all daily meals.

  • Sperri is a suitable option for tubefeeding as it can be used as a sole-source of nutrition as it meets the nutritional requirements of Canada’s ‘Formulated Liquid Diet’ Regulations. Dietitians across the country have successfully utilized Sperri for tubefeeding to meet the nutritional requirements of their patients. Based on the feedback we have received from dietitians, diluting the formula can help prevent clogging due to its thicker viscosity. If you are a dietitian who has experience using Sperri for tubefeeding we would love to hear from you at

  • Sperri can be heated in baked goods, in coffee, or if preferred warm and still maintain its nutritional value. When Sperri is manufactured it is heated and tested afterwards and it still holds its nutritional value.

  • If you wish to extend the 24-hour period after opening, freezing your Sperri is a viable option from a food safety standpoint. Freezing the remaining portion will not compromise its nutritional value, although we have not conducted specific tests in this regard. For short periods of freezing, the nutritional value should remain unchanged.


  • Sperri is conveniently available for direct ordering from our website, with delivery options to any address across Canada. Our website exclusively offers the starter pack option (2 bottles of Vanilla Maple, 2 bottles of Chocolate and 2 bottles of Strawberry), allowing patients and customers to sample all three flavors before committing to larger quantities of their preferred flavor. Additionally, we provide a subscription model on our website, enabling patients to not only save on costs(10% off plus free shipping) but also customize the quantity and frequency of their orders. For quick delivery, Sperri can also be found on Amazon Canada. Furthermore, Sperri is stocked in approximately 1,500 stores nationwide. Patients can easily locate a nearby store through our store locator to find Sperri on a shelf near them.

  • If you would like to gather more information about Sperri before considering it as a regular option in your hospital, please feel free to reach out to us We would be delighted to arrange an information session for you and your team. These sessions can be scheduled from Monday to Friday at a time that is convenient for you and your team. Typically, the information sessions last for approximately 20 minutes, with an additional 10 minutes allocated for questions. However, we can accommodate longer or shorter sessions if necessary.

  • We work with various distributors nationally, including GFS, Sysco, Medline and Mckesson. Reach out to your preferred distributor to see if they have Sperri available. Otherwise, please contact us at if you would like us listed with a different distributor.

  • If your hospital team expresses interest and approves the process, Sperri can certainly be included in the nutrition formulary. For further details or inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us at

  • We are happy to provide samples of Sperri to your workplace or patients. Please check here to submit your request. Regrettably, we are unable to directly send samples to patients' homes. However, if you would like to request samples for your patients to be sent to your institution, we are more than willing to accommodate this. Kindly utilize the sample request link and specify that the samples are intended for your patient.

  • At present, insurance does not provide coverage for Sperri. Nevertheless, we prioritize the well-being of your patients and are actively striving to initiate the necessary procedures and extensive research to do so. We are committed to minimizing any obstacles that your patients may encounter. Our mission is to minimize any barriers related to the accessibility and affordability of Sperri because we care.

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Recommended by Physicians and Dietitians nationally

Patient Testimonials

  • "Tastes great and a good supplement while undergoing cancer treatment"

  • "A hospital dietitian and the Cancer Centre recommended Sperri to me as the protein drinks I had been using were no longer available. I'm restricted to a liquid diet at the moment so Sperri has been a lifesaver"

  • "I was so excited to discover Sperri and even more excited when I realized how delicious and filling it is. I have Ulcerative Colitis and have struggled with having no appetite and losing a lot of weight. I struggle to digest most foods, but Sperri seems to be one of the few things my stomach stays calm with. I've ordered more cases after trying the sampler pack. Both flavours are great but the chocolate is my favourite!"