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About Sperri

  • Sperri is Canada's first organic plant-based meal replacement. Sperri provides all of your daily needs in an easy-to-consume beverage. Sperri was developed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, by a team of health professionals using the most up-to-date evidence-based research.

  • The term ‘meal replacement’ is defined and regulated by Health Canada, specifically under the Food and Drug Regulations. These regulations outline specific requirements and standards that meal replacements must meet in order to be marketed and sold as such. The specific requirements include but are not limited to: caloric content, specific ranges of 24 vitamins and minerals, fat content, protein content and quality, and a linoleic to linolenic fatty acid ratio.  

    Sperri meets all of the nutritional requirements set out by Canada’s Food and Drug Regulations, making it a complete plant-based meal replacement. Sperri is also suitable for sole-source nutrition and provides all of your required macro and micronutrient needs. For further information on Canada’s regulations, please visit: 

  • Sperri was created through the collaboration of Dr. Mary Lynch, a physician and pain specialist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, along with the team at Novagevity. Dr. Lynch noticed that many of her patients required meal replacements for proper nutrition but struggled to tolerate existing options due to high levels of processed sugars, milk, and soy proteins. Unable to find a suitable product in the Canadian market, Dr. Lynch approached Gregg Curwin, an experienced entrepreneur, and together they embarked on the development of Sperri. Additionally, a group of gastroenterologists and dietitians contributed to the development of Sperri, ensuring it would be well tolerated by individuals with gastrointestinal complications.

  • Sperri was developed by a diverse team of physicians, dietitians, and food scientists in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Sperri is currently manufactured, produced and shipped from Ontario!

  • Gregg Curwin, our CEO, loves to spend his free time on a beach in Nova Scotia called “Sperri”.Sperri beach is where Gregg discovers tranquility, clarity of mind, nature and so much more. He wants consumers and caregivers of Sperri to feel rest assured that they or their loved ones are receiving nutrition of the highest quality, providing you and your patients with peace of mind.