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About Sperri

  • Sperri is Canada's first organic plant-based meal replacement. Sperri provides all of your daily needs in an easy-to-consume beverage. Sperri was developed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, by a team of health professionals using the most up-to-date evidence-based research.

  • Yes, Sperri is a complete plant-based meal replacement to provide all of your required macro and micronutrients. Sperri is also suitable for sole-source nutrition.

  • A meal replacement is a regulated term in Canada by the Food and Drug Regulations. There are detailed requirements for a meal replacement, including specific ranges of all vitamins and minerals, fat content, protein content and quality, and a linoleic to linolenic acid ratio. For more information, see the regulations here:

  • Sperri was developed by Dr. Mary Lynch, a physician and pain specialist in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the team at Novagevity. Many of Dr.Lynch's patients require meal replacements to get adequate nutrition, but many of her patients struggled to tolerate current options as they contain high amounts of processed sugars, milk, and soy proteins. Dr.Lynch could not find anything on the market in Canada that would meet her patient's needs. She then approached Gregg Curwin, an experienced entrepreneur, and together they began to develop Sperri.

  • Sperri was developed by a diverse team of doctors, dietitians, and food scientists in Halifax, Nova Scotia.